La Bottega di Brunella collections stem from a study on both past styles and contemporary trends in order to create Beach Fashion dresses, in line with the unmistakable Positano style.




Tailoring dresses

La Bottega di Brunella strengths are passion and creativity. Since 1965, it has been creating tailoring dresses and refined items addressed to men, women and children. This lively and dynamic business has established itself thanks to Vito’s commitment, a creative designer, and to Brunella’s dedication, a skillful and expert tailor; capable of offering original clothing that enchants and fascinates yesterday and today’s celebrities.

Clothes for those who are seeking an unmistakable style 

Revisiting the trends of the past and interpreting today’s fashion, La Bottega di Brunella has become a real point of reference in Positano for those who are looking for clothes and patterns with an unmistakable style, made with the best materials for example:
- Linen;
- Cotton Gauze;
- Elastic Lycra;
- Wool.

Charm, comfort and care for details

Every item of clothing in Vito and Brunella’s showroom is created focusing on every little detail, giving the wearer charm and comfort as well as incredible emotions and sensations. It is also why people like Zeffirelli, Lina Wertmuller, Luciano Benetton and Maria De Filippi turn to the experience and competence of la Bottega di Brunella.

Beach fashion Collection

The tailoring care of La Bottega di Brunella is apparent from the designers’ beach fashion creations. Thanks to their great mastery, they are able to create unique and original items, coupled with all kind of accessories that complement the look, signed by this company with decades of experience. The notoriety of Positano firm has expanded throughout the national territory, until it gets to personalities like Zeffirelli and Ursula Andress.

The inimitable style of Positano Fashion

Positano-style dresses offer a huge range of products like the linen suit, the classical gowns, characterized by the typical style of Campania Region and the elegant georgette and macramé suits, suitable for every occasion. The beach line designed by La Bottega di Brunella tailors continues to reflect the distinctive character that mark the shapes and colors of Positano fashion.

Positano: items of clothing without time

La Bottega di Brunella is a small artisan business within which creations are drawn, crafted and sold. They are made and decorated with the most precious materials, in line with the latest trends and at the same time trying to preserve the classicism, the cool and vivid colors of Positano beach fashion.


Positano-style dresses

The artisan workshop of Amalfi coast has affirmed its business making Positano- style dresses for men, women and children. At the very beginning, only Vito and Brunella were committed to the company management but then they have managed to instill their passion and enthusiasm for fashion to their five children, whose main goal is, now, to bring the beauty of Positano style all over the world.

Each item of clothing is made of high quality materials

La Bottega di Brunella style is extremely varied, able to meet every kind of taste and request. It starts from the 1930's style, with the use of  bemberg tissue, which is a high-value, silk material; turning to the neo-romantic style, mainly made of  jeans, decorated by precious handmade embroideries, until it gets to the fantastic '60-'70 years, with the optical contrast of black and white. Today, thanks to the entrance of Vito and Brunella’s children in the family business even new styles and materials have been experimenting: tropical colors, Lycra items and, of course, the cool linen, which is also used to create accessories.

The history of the unmistakable Positano Fashion

Positano fashion is a booming and a well-established business, which has over fifty years of history. In fact, it was born between '50 and '60 years, when the first bikinis began to be seen on the beaches, then adjusted and proposed by Amalfi shops and workshops. In fact, all these firms made a wide variety of eccentric bikinis, characterized by applications and decorations. That new trend gradually involved every item of clothing, from skirts to shirts, up to be an Italian brand.

Positano Fashion Accessories

The accessory is, undoubtedly, what completes and gives more personality to the whole outfit. La Bottega di Brunella creates wonderful beach fashion accessories for the woman line, using valued and precious materials. In fact, it aims at innovation and originality, also creating eccentric accessories made of different materials that can be combined with both cool, colorful gowns and handmade bikinis, decorated with embroideries.

Handcrafted items, exported all over the world

The small workshop also makes the famous handmade sandals, which are often put on national and international VIP who love spending part of their holiday in the colorful towns of the Amalfi coast. Moreover, the broad-brimmed, straw hats are an unfailing accessory in Positano fashion. These fascinating hats are able to make unique, particular and high-class outfits, recalling the fabulous sixties style. At la Bottega di Brunella, you can find of each model and color, and it is possible to make tailor-made ones.

Sophisticated jewels for a unique look

Jewels are very important for a well-finished look and Positano Fashion offers lines of jewelry to match with the wonderful items of clothing made by Positano artisan workshops. Jewelry is made with important materials, combined with colored stones that recall the incredible sea chrome.


Linen garment

Linen is freshness, lightness and elegance, and it is one of the most beloved materials of Positano Beach Fashion collections signed by La Bottega di Brunella. Our workshop offers a widespread range of woman garment: from natural and light colors to vivid and vibrant ones, typical of summer and of Amalfi Coast sunsets. The shapes, the volumes and lines are always in line with the latest trends coming from the runways of the world, in order to dress women who love the timeless style of Positano Beach Fashion.

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